"I recently bought my first house and I was a bit nervous about becoming a homeowner. John took his time, answered all of my questions and helped me to understand the house. He is a very knowledgeable, patient and friendly guy. I felt confident moving forward with the purchase after he inspected the home. I highly recommend him if you want an expert to look at your house." 

- Sarah L., Rochester

"I'm an investor and have hired John several times. He is the expert and has helped me to thoroughly understand the condition of the property I am buying. He has really helped me make informed decisions. He is simply the BEST."

- Marcus V., Minneapolis

"If you want an experienced professional home inspector who will thoroughly inspect your home, look no further: John from Conspectus is a pro! He knows his stuff, but more importantly, he made me feel like I was his highest priority throughout the inspection. I highly, highly recommend him."

- Rick S., Rochester

"This guy is very experienced and knows his stuff. I hired John to inspect a 4-plex I was buying and I was blown away by his attention to detail and his knowledge of the codes. Plus, he was friendly and pleasant to work with. I will definitely hire him again!"

- Mike S., Rochester

"I'm an investor, and I have bought numerous properties over the years. I have worked with lots of inspectors, and John is simply exceptional. He was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He is the best inspector I have worked with and will hire him for all of my inspection needs. He's a pro! I highly, highly recommend him...if you want to understand the house you are buying, he's your guy."

- Mark B., St. Paul

"John is awesome! I would recommend him to anyone!"

- Dakota B., Rochester

"Very nice man, would recommend him to anyone, very good at what he does, goes thru everything and very detailed and looks out for his clients. A great person to have for Inspections hands down."

- Joshua Z., Rochester

"John took the time to answer all of my questions. He is a very patient guy and sure knows a lot about inspecting homes! He is very knowledgeable, but he talked to me in terms I could easily understand. I will hire him again and I'm recommending him to all of my friends."

- Aaron L., Rochester, MN

"John is an amazing inspector! He found lots of things during the inspection and helped me to see that home ownership was something I could handle. He even told me that he was 'My building consultant for life!' and said I could call him if I had any questions. He gave me a lot of confidence. What a huge help! He was awesome." 

- Brittany R., Rochester, MN

"John recently inspected the home I was planning to buy. He was very thorough and did an outstanding job of answering all of my questions. He is very friendly and professional. I will hire him again!" 

- Barb B., Rochester, MN

"I am a first-time homebuyer and I wanted to hire an inspector who would take the time to answer all of my questions. My friend had hired John a couple of years ago and highly recommended him, so I had John inspect my house. John was so thorough and he showed me a lot of things about the house that I would have never seen! He also really helped me to see that owning a home is something I can do. I can't say enough awesome things about John. I have already told all of my friends about what a great inspector he is and how he took a lot of time to answer my many, many questions. I highly recommend him!"

- Kelsey R., Rochester, MN  

"John inspected the house I bought. He showed me numerous things about the house that helped me understand the way the house works. I had a lot of questions and John was very patient and answered all of my questions. He was also friendly and made me feel comfortable with the entire inspection process. He is clearly a very experienced and knowledgeable inspector. I would feel confident recommending him to anyone."

- Sunil L., Rochester, MN

"A friend recommended John. I just bought my first home and I wanted to find an inspector who would not talk over my head and would help me understand what I was buying. I was afraid I was taking on too big of a project by buying a home. John was so calm and he answered all of my questions and really made me feel like I could take on home ownership. He even told me that after I move into the house, if I have questions, he would be happy to answer them for me! I would recommend John to anyone!" 

- Allysa N., Rochester, MN

"I have several investment properties in Rochester and I am in the process of selling them because I am being transferred. Because I am not using a realtor and I want the properties to sell quickly, I hired John to inspect them. He did a thorough job and the inspection reports were all easy to read and they have helped me to get offers on the properties very quickly. John was very professional and friendly and I would absolutely hire him again."

- Marcus L., Rochester, MN  

"We hired John for his whole suite of services and we are super glad we did! First, we were getting ready to sell our home and John came out and did a Pre-Listing Consultation. He found several things we needed to fix and we got busy right away making repairs, etc. Next, we hired him to do a Buyers Inspection and Radon test on the house we bought. Then we had him come back to the house we wanted to sell and had him perform a Sellers Inspection. We got an offer on our house in one day!!! Needless to say, we feel qualified to recommend John: he made our entire house selling and buying process stress-free. We highly, highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home!"

- Chad and Carrie M., Rochester, MN   

"I hired John to inspect the house I was buying. I was very nervous, because I had never bought a house before. John was very friendly, and he answered all of my questions. I really like how he explained everything about the house and it gave me confidence that I could handle being a first-time homeowner. I also really liked that John showed me things in the house without using a bunch of technical terms. I would absolutely hire John again - he was excellent."

- Sara B., Byron, MN 

"My wife and I hired John to do an 11th month inspection on our new house. We were really glad we did, because he identified several issues that we took back to our builder to get resolved before our warranty expired. John was super thorough and explained everything he was looking at and why it was a concern or not. We definitely recommend John to anyone who wants to have their home inspected...he's a real professional!"  

- Eric and Samantha L., Rochester, MN

"A friend used John to inspect his house last year, so when I was ready to buy a new home, my friend talked very highly about John and encouraged me to hire him for my buyers inspection. Long story short, I hired John and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! John was very thorough, answered all of my questions, and really educated me about the home I was buying. I can't say enough great things about this guy! I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks again, John, you're the best!!"

- Justin J., Rochester, MN 

"We met John at a networking event and we were really impressed with his friendly demeanor. We told him that we were thinking about selling our house soon and he told us about his pre-listing consultation service. We really 'clicked' with him and hired him to come out to our house and do a pre-listing consultation. Wow! We were blown away by the things he found and the tips he gave us to help us prepare our home to sell quickly. We plan to use him soon to do a buyers inspection for the house we plan to buy in the near future!"

- Eric and Kelli C., Rochester, MN 

“We hired John to do his ‘pre-listing consultation.’ It was amazing the number of things that I walked by every day, and didn’t notice! Most were smaller cosmetic items that were easy for me to fix, but may have shown up on a buyers inspection report, which may have slowed down our sale. We put our house on the market, it sold in a day, and we didn’t have to make any repairs! Thanks, John!”

- Tom W., Byron, MN

“John was awesome! As a single woman purchasing my first home, I was really concerned about getting taken advantage of in the process of making the biggest purchase decision of my life. John answered all of my questions and explained the ‘house as a system,’ which helped me understand how my home operates. It wasn’t just an inspection – it was an education! I would recommend John to anyone. I felt he had my best interests in mind at all times.”

- Jennifer C., Stewartville, MN

“As a savvy and experienced real estate investor, I hired John to inspect a four-plex I had an accepted offer on. He was very accommodating for my tight schedule, performing the inspection on the weekend. There were quite a few things that I hadn’t noticed, and John helped me prioritize the items that would need to be repaired or replaced. I was impressed with his construction knowledge and will definitely hire him again.” 

- Charles F., Eau Claire, WI  

"John gave me all of the information I needed to figure out what I needed to correct on my house. I found out that some of my siding was in bad shape, so I was able to take care of it before it got even worse ... thank goodness."

- Judith Z., Rochester, MN

"We have had John inspect both homes we have purchased. He has always been friendly, helpful, professional, and very thorough. I absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector! He is a wealth of knowledge and experience."

- Emma J., Rochester, MN

“We found John on the internet and he even answered the phone when we called! We were relocating to Rochester and needed a trustworthy inspection professional, knowledgeable about the market conditions in the area. We were impressed with his knowledge and experience, but what we liked best was that he made us feel like we were his most important customer!”    

- Jim and Pam T., Rochester, MN

"After researching numerous companies in our area, we actually happened to meet John at Conspectus by accident - and we were especially glad we did after we had him inspect our then-future home. He was extremely pleasant to work with, obviously experienced, and quite insightful. He set concerns at ease and his detailed report has helped us - as first-time home buyers - set priorities in an aging home. We have - and will again! - recommend John and Conspectus Home Inspection Services!"

- Brandon B., Rochester, MN

"I hired John to help me evaluate an investment property. He walked me through the local rental regulations and saved me from having to make unnecessary, expensive improvements. I will definitely use him again.”  

- Bill S., Minneapolis, MN

"Not only was he explaining what he was looking at, but why he was looking at it. He took his time and made our first home purchase feel as comfortable as possible. One of the things that stuck out was his willingness to do a little extra. As we finished he asked if he could have permission to do one more quick walk through and finish up some paperwork. We agreed. Some time later I got a call that he had found a wet spot in the ceiling drywall directly below a bathroom. The sellers agreed of course to fix it with a licensed plumber, but had he not done the second walk through it could have been missed, resulting in a huge bill for us. Thanks John for your hard work! I would recommend John to anyone that needs his services."

- Don U., Rochester, MN

“John was very professional and informative. We are first time home buyers, and John answered all our questions about our new home. We recommend him to everyone!”  

- Kaye & Don S., Rochester, MN

"John was extremely helpful! He expertly performed the inspection, made sure everything was safe and efficient and pointed out anything that might be of concern. I would definitely recommend Conspectus Home Inspection Services to anyone!"

- Jordan V., St. Paul, MN

“Even though we have bought and sold many homes in the past, John gave us an in depth education on the home we purchased. We were impressed with his professionalism and thoroughness, and the detailed report was easy to read and useful. The summary became our punch list after we moved in.”  

- Suzanne & Tom F., Rochester, MN


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