Pre-Listing Consultation. This is a fast paced, verbal-only walk through of the owner’s home. The property owner takes detailed notes as we visit all of the components and systems in the home. I explain in detail what a buyer will be looking for, and what the buyer's home inspector will likely include in their inspection report. This service allows the owner to make decisions on whether to repair, replace or upgrade the various items identified, without the deadline of a closing date.

The Pre-Listing Consultation is the client's opportunity to ask the important questions involving their home.  What needs to be repaired and why?  How long with the components (roof, siding, windows, dishwasher, stove, etc.) last?  Should I lease my home or sell it out-right?  How much does it cost to get things repaired?  What should I plan on replacing or repairing?  These types of questions and the answers will help the client understand their home, in it's current condition, as a system. They can then decide what the next steps should be.   

“John was very professional and informative. We are first time home buyers, and John answered all our questions about our new home. We recommend him to everyone!”

- Kaye & Don S., Rochester


Almost everyone will have their potential new home inspected before they commit to buying it.  And because there is no such thing as the perfect house, defects are usually encountered during this process.  Sometimes the defects are so problematic that the buyer invokes their inspection clause, and walks away.  This is a waste of time and energy for the buyer, the seller and the real estate professionals on both sides!  What if there was a way to get the issues out in the open before they became negotiating nightmares?          


  1. The seller gets an objective opinion on the true condition of the home, and there are no last minute surprises.
  2. There is no such thing as the perfect house and a good inspection will highlight areas where improvements are needed.
  3. If there are issues raised that need further evaluation, this can be done before the house is listed, rather than in the middle of a potentially high stress negotiation.
  4. Sellers can make improvements, reflect the condition in the listing price, or simply disclose the findings as they see fit. The benefit is that they now have OPTIONS!
  5. Deals are less likely to fall through, resulting in happy buyers, happy sellers and a real estate agent who doesn’t have to try to bring two unhappy people to a negotiating table. 

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